Starting With a Frog

By Brett Breckenridge

It started simply enough when she volunteered to create a poster for her group project. Now, nine years later, senior Kylie DeHart is a seasoned artist, focusing on drawing and sketching.
“I never really considered drawing until I had to for a project.”, said Kylie DeHart.
She began drawing in third grade when her class got into groups to research animals. The project needed a poster to be made and kylie volunteered for it.
“For the first time I found out I could draw a red eyed tree frog.”, she said. Since then Kylie has been in an art class every year she’s been in school, as well as attending the art club after school regularly.
She has also been diversifying herself whether it’s using water colors, or trying her hand at sculpting, there is always something new she’s giving a try. “Most of my inspiration comes from my music, or things i find on the internet.”, she said.
“She’s always willing to give help, and for most people who become skilled in what they do, not everyone is willing to do that.” said Art Teacher Mr. Mark Kohley who has known Kylie all four years of her high school career. “She’s always a lot of fun to have in class, and always has a positive interaction with everyone in the art department,” he said.


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