Just Dance

By: Allie Kehret

The jitterbug and hand-jive of yesteryear have nothing on the dance moves of today!

Above is McNary’s dance team, the McNary Sparx, at practce. They all join in for a kickline in one of their routines.The McNary Sparx sure can dance. Some girls have been dancing for up to eleven years and some only one, but they all have been working hard. The dance team here at McNary is led by Coach Tegan Willett. She always tells the girls to “ Practice, practice, practice” Shelby Williamson said, freshmen at McNary.

“At practice we mainly work on leaps, routines, and techniques” Hannah Waldner said, freshmen at McNary. “We have to give it our all and go all out,” said Sonia Rangel, senior at McNary.All girls have different strengths and weaknesses, but bring great ability to the team. “We love to goof around, have fun, and there is a lot of chit-chat at practice, but we take our dancing seriously,” Rangel said. “ There is always a way to make an improvement. I usually work on my technique, so do most of the girls. It’s an important part of our routine,” Williamson said, she also said “I think our greatest competition is Sprague or West Salem,” but Waldner said, “ Our biggest competition is Sprague”. The girls really try to beat their greatest competition. “ We all practice everyday, whether its with the team or without, I also try to stretch everyday,” Waldner said.
All the girls work has paid off, they got second place at one of their competitions.
The returning girls are going to try to go to second round in state, and possibly win the next year and years to come.
Many girls are going to continue in college such as Rangel who plans to go to Corban and Williamson who plans on having a University of Oregon dance major.
As many sports do, dance teaches life skills. “Dance has taught me to be determined, focus, and do my best.” Waldner said.
“It teaches me that you need others and to work with them, not against them,” Williamson said.
“Dance has taught me to be patient, work with everyone, stay committed and never give up,” Rangel said.
The girls get encouragement from their coach, teammates, parents, and friends. “With all the support I get, I don’t see how I could fail.” Williamson said.
“They tell me to always do my best and they have confidence in me,” Waldner said. All the girls have different motivations; To have fun, scholarships, or maybe explore their interests.
“Dance is our passion, we need to act like it and show it because it’s what we do,” Waldner said.


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