Global Warming is a Real Concern

By: Erica Perez

It’s very peculiar to see how selfish humans are. I have heard many times when people complain about people that are trying to create awareness about global warming and trying to get people to change their ways for the better of the environment. The most common thing I hear is “Why are people freaking out? It’s not like we’re going to die tomorrow.” I think this is funny when people say this. It just shows how ignorant people are and that they only care about their own well being. It’s true, we probably won’t die the next day because of global warming, but is that still a good enough reason to not take care of our environment and keep destroying it? Instead of having that mentality, shouldn’t we all try to get rid of our bad habits and try to save our planet, who is screaming for help?
While we humans may not be dying, other species are.
Global Warming is an issue that affects all of the living things on the planet. It seems as if it is one of the biggest problems that has emerged in the last few decades. One of the biggest impacts that global warming has on the planet is the biodiversity loss that is occurring. Hundreds of species are in risk of becoming extinct, and hundreds have already bowed down to extinction because of global warming. Animals that are most affected by global warming include but are not limited to: The Emperor Penguin, Ringed Seals, Arctic Fox, The Beluga Whale, Clown Fish, Salmon, Koala Bear, Leatherback Turtle, Bicknell’s Thrush, Flamingos, Irrawaddy Dolphin, Musk Ox, and Hawksbill Turtle.
Many animals have become extinct because of the loss or the dramatic changes in their habitats. Animals aren’t the only organism affected by the changes in their habitats; plants are also being affected . The atmosphere’s temperature has risen 1.33 degrees in the last decades. Though it’s just a couple of degrees to us, it isn’t normal or something to be relaxed about. Those 1.33 degrees are taking a toll on the earth.
Global warming defined is the rise in the atmospheric and oceanic temperatures.
I think many people are confused as to what this really means. I was told once that global warming doesn’t exist. At first I was astonished because I couldn’t believe the absurdity of what I had just heard. I was intrigued and so I inquired further. The response I received was surprising as well. Global warming doesn’t exist because we aren’t getting hot weather all year around. I was really puzzled by that answer; is that really what people consider global warming to be?
I’m sure this person isn’t the only one in this world that thinks that. Just because global warming means the temperature is rising. it doesn’t mean that we have to have hot weather all year long.
The earth’s atmosphere temperature has raised just over one degree Fahrenheit. While that seems like a little bit to us, that degree is taking a toll on the earth and on its inhabitants.
This whole global warming thing is also affecting our seasons There will be drier summers, which increases the chances of forest fires. If forest fires occur they can spread quickly and affect people and their homes The state will have to waste a lot of money to put out the fires, but most importantly people and animals’ lives are at risk from those forest fires.
It’s not to say that I am a perfect person and do everything perfectly, obviously not, but i try to do more than the average person does. There are other people, who are really trying to make a change by not only changing their lifestyle, but by also trying to influence people to change their lifestyles for the better of the environment.
I thought that it was a really great idea the McNary put on a Green Week recently. It’s nice to see people be more conscious of their actions. That’s a great way to start thinking green, but now that Green Week has passed it seems as if no one cares anymore. Why can people be environmentally conscious for only one week and not every single day?
There are so many simple things that everyone can do. First off, you can start by replacing your incandescent light bulb for a compact fluorescent light bulb. Then try moving your thermostat two degrees down in winter and two degrees up in the summer. You can also clean or replace the air filters of your furnace or air conditioner, turn appliances off when they are not being used, take a shower instead of a bath, recycle everything possible, plant a tree if possible, or carpool. There are many more things that can be done to help stop global warming.


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