Expectations of a Future Teacher

By Taylor Fitzgerald

Randi Granat walks the halls of McNary each day, looking forward to a future in which she will be teaching the young students of our time about being healthy and active.
Granat is currently enrolled in a 10 month MAT program at Willamette University. However, she previously attended 4 years of undergraduates schooling in Ohio, her native state, to work towards her Masters in Education.
She not only wants to become a high school gym teacher, but also a soccer coach. Granat plays on the intramural soccer team for Willamette and played through high school in Ohio. Currently, at McNary, she helps with coaching the track team and loves it.
When asked what made her want to become a teacher, Granat simply said, “Well, I always knew I wanted to teach, and sports have always been my thing.”
Granat is a student teacher under Mrs. Marlo Cleary, one of our physical education teachers here at McNary. From whom Granat has learned classroom management skills and structure. “You have to be strict in the beginning, so you will have their respect, and then you can lighten up,” Granat said.
When asked what she hopes to teach people, Granat says, “I want to teach about lifetime fitness, healthy lifestyles and healthy bodies. I hope to be a mentor, and help my students to be better people.”
Mrs. Clearly believes that Granat’s best quality is that “she naturally develops good teacher-student relationships with all the kids, which is very important.”
Cleary believes Granat definitely has what it takes to become a successful teacher. “There are certain qualities that a teacher must have, and she’s got them.”
Every teacher has to start somewhere, and we are all looking forward to seeing Mrs. Granat in a successful teaching career. She hopes to go back to her hometown, Loveland, in Ohio after getting her degree, and teach at the high school she attended. She describes that plan as her dream job, for which she has already applied.
Granat is excited to be able to give back to her community and reach her goals of inspiration on the younger generations. She will be a great addition to a school staff anywhere she chooses, and we wish her the best of luck.


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