On and Off The Court

By: Jazmyn Ratliff

Even if he loses, Colton Baker always has a passion for the game of tennis. Baker has been playing tennis since eighth grade, and has developed a passion for the sport and loves to play it with his friends and family, he said.
He contributes this attitude to “staying positive on and off the court even if I lose a game,” Baker said .
He spends a lot of his summer at the courts hitting the ball around. Baker gives a shout out to the whole team for being great and for working so hard.
If there is a little bit of rain during a meet they will continue to play. During their practice, if it’s just a little bit of rain they will go outside and dry off the courts. If it’s wet out and still raining, the coach will work with them on their drills indoors.
“The coach is great this year,” Baker said of Coach Lisa Reida. He said she really knows what she is doing.
Trevor Brown, a senior here at McNary, started playing tennis in 8th grade and has been playing ever since. The team is doing great this year to prepare for the matches that are coming up, Brown said.. Even the new freshmen are doing well, he said.
“Lisa this year is great from all the other coaches we had from the past,” Brown said. Brown likes doing the drills and thinks it’s important to know them.
“The weather sucks though,” Brown said.
They “never know when it’s going to rain and this year. [We] never know when it’s going to snow. [We] just never know if we can play or not, “ Brown said.
He has enjoyed playing on the team this year with all the hard work. The freshmen are improving a lot, as well as the rest of the team. They never put each other down for anything, Brown said.
Senior Jacob Cordie has been on the tennis team for four years now. “It’s always fun,” Cordie said. His favorite year playing was freshman year because he started playing that year and they were really good that year.
“We are good as a group this year,” Cordie said.
They all work with the under classmates. The coach is amazing and she really does practice with the boys and Lisa tells them what they can or need to work on, Cordie said.
“Lisa practices with us at times, and she is a semi- pro player. She gives a lot of good advice,” Cordie said.


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