For the Love of Basketball

By: Carissa Cumings

To Hayden McCowan, basketball is more than just a sport you see kids playing. Basketball is a team bonding sport and you need to work together as a team.
Hayden has been an athlete since he was only 5 years old. He started to develop his skills in sports at the age of 5 as well instead of watching a lot of TV like mostly every kid did at that age.
“Boys are like dogs treat them like good dogs they will be good,” McCowan said. All you need to do is motivate them the right way and they will listen to you. Some guys don’t know how to take their talent to the next level, so they need some extra motivation to get to their full potential.
For McCowan he had all the motivation from his mother and father. Mostly from Hayden’s father, who would play with him and tell him that he has great potential to be a great basketball player.
Hayden doesn’t just play sports every day, he reads many different types of books to further educate himself.
There are many different sports he plays outside of McNary school ground, he plays football and also golf. He is one very active young man who loves to play many different activities.
“Work hard and you will be rewarded” McCowan said. All you really need to do is work your hardest on any goal or activity and you will go farther than not trying at all. Instead of doing your worst try your best and you won’t fail unless you don’t try.
The basketball team at McNary is not like any other team; they work at the full potential at all the practices and the games.”Teammates work together as one and comes as a whole” McCowan said. So, our McNary Celtics including McCowan works hard at the sports they play and in school.
What McCowan does to keep his hectic schedule is he uses a planner to write when basketball practices are and all his homework he needs to finish in all his classes. Also, what he would do is right after school he goes home and right away gets on his homework to keep a good grade.
McCowan is motivated in a different way, he isn’t motivated by how good he is, but by his family and friends being athletes he tended to follow in the example that was given to him as a younger child.
As McCowan would say to the team is “when you miss a shot so what”. What this is saying is if you miss one shot don’t worry about it or beat yourself up about missing one shot. “Your missing every shot you don’t take,” McCowan said. Really if you miss every single shot you know you will not take home a victory.
Besides nothing but sports, McCowan will take vacations during the school year to hang out with some of his family he does not get to see as often, he makes sure he gets all his late work and finishes it for he would slip up in any class.
Most of all McCowan thinks the team’s new coach is doing good so far, the coach is adjusting to the atmosphere the teams give off as a whole team. Yes our team has lost some games but look at what’s important our team is now a family not anything less. If you will sit back and watch the games you will see a dedicated team and a dedicated Hayden McCowan on the courts playing their hardest.


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