Hitting and Batting

By: Belle Greene 

Sarah Jensen, sophomore, has been playing softball for 9 years. Jensen has come to love the game and says that it is her life, and she will play until she dies; or until she is unable to do so.
After high school, she plans to attend the University of Oregon and also plans to play college softball. Becoming a professional softball player is a dream of Jensen.
Her mother supports her one-hundred percent in what she does and in what she loves. She attends all of Sarah’s games and is almost always the score keeper. Her grandparents make it to as many games as they can and her brother tries to attend some of them, also.
The number one piece of advice Sarah Jensen’s coach, Kevin Wise, gives to her and the team is, “Always use two hands while catching a ball”.
Coach Wise has been coaching softball for 10 years. He is from Idaho; he coached at a high school there for eight years. He then moved to Oregon and has coached softball here at McNary for two years.
“I coach softball because I love the sport and it gives me the chance to share my love of the sport with the team. Also, it gives me the opportunity to teach my players life lessons and some discipline,” Coach Wise said. Coach Wise says Sarah Jensen is a hard worker and a great player.
Jensen says her greatest strength in softball is hitting and batting. “Our biggest opponent last year was South Salem High School,” Jensen said.
The McNary softball team has improved greatly since last year when Jensen was a freshman. “There are different teammates and I think we all have better attitudes this year,” Jensen said.
She says Softball has taught her to always have a good attitude, also to not put others down and when someone makes a mistake to tell them it’s okay and to be encouraging to them, help them out.
“Softball has just pretty much taught me to be a good person,” Jensen said.


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