Painting a lifestyle

By:  Irvin Jacobo

Sophomore, Monica Howard has been drawing since she was in middle school. She took two years of art at Clagget Creek and since she arrived at McNary High School has been enrolled in art classes.

When Howard was in middle school she realized that art was her thing to do. She realized it was a hobby when she was given an assignment of drawing a picture. However, by the due date she did not just have one picture drawn, she had five pictures.
“My class was so advanced that we were doing college stuff, in middle school,” Howard said. This art class was a combination of art, clay, paint, and other art related topics.

When she thinks about art, she thinks about realistic images, in turn she draws a more realistic image. Howard tends not to draw animation because it takes a lot of details. “Doing details takes a lot of time and a lot of precision. I really don’t have patience when it comes to drawing animation,” Howard Said. She doesn’t like drawing animated images, but sometimes she does. Howard’s not sure what her main inspiration is, but she just starts drawing when she feels it inside. Once she starts, there is no stopping her; she could pause for a moment but she will continue to draw until the piece is finished.

Howard’s favorite actor is Will Smith. She made a huge portrait of all his movies. She looks up to Vincent Van Gogh and gets inspired by looking at his art. While listening to music inspiration comes, as well as when it is quiet and peaceful.
She feels as if art runs through her blood because she has a brother that also draws and has a sister that draws, paints, and works with clay. One of her sisters comes here to McNary and she is sculpting out a huge dragon for art teacher Mr. Mark Kohley.
When Howard starts drawing she prefers to use pencil just because it’s easier to erase, and if you do have an error you can fix it really quick. Currently Howard is enrolled in Art 2 with Mr.Kohley.

Howard can typically draw a nice picture in about twenty minutes. Most of Howard’s art supplies she has bought on her own. For Christmas she even wished for art material. Most teens typically want a new laptop or a new flat screen. Instead of asking for electronics, she asked for colored pencils and art supplies.
Howard doesn’t really like using computers nor electronics because she prefers to use paper when it comes to art.
One of her biggest achievements was when she got to paint a whole set for a play in middle school. She was able to paint an entire set with the help of other students and staff. Howard was also given the opportunity to draw a logo for a family friend’s business.


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