Dreams of Harvard Comes to Life

By Kate Pedersen

As a junior, Ricky Sanchez was given the opportunity of a lifetime. While on the computer for an AVID assignment, Sanchez came across a summer program that offered college credit. Although he was excited about the college credit, what grabbed his attention was the fact that it was at Harvard, the top school of his choice.
There was a huge obstacle in the way – the cost to attend. However, that did not stop him though, “I knew I had to find a way to get there” Sanchez said. With the help of Willamette Academy, Sanchez was granted a full ride scholarship. With the money situation figured out, all that was left was to be accepted into the summer program. After writing an essay, sending in transcripts and a recommendation letter; Sanchez was accepted.
His recommendation letter came from English teacher, Mrs. Carla Bell; who had nothing but positive things to say about Sanchez. He is a “super nice young man” and “a really good student” Bell said.
Going to Harvard is not Sanchez’s only aspiration in life. He also has a passion for break dancing, which he does to express himself in a positive way. Although he sees it as a positive outlook, sometimes others look down upon him because they think break dancing is a way of rebelling.

Sanchez does not believe this and likes to prove those people and others wrong. Break dancing is a huge part of his life, but school always comes first. He is very dedicated to his school work; “Once you get to know me, I’m taking honors and AP classes,” Sanchez said. Sanchez works hard at school so that he will be able to follow his dream of working in the computer science field, possibly being a robotic engineer.
With a bright future ahead of him, Sanchez sets off for Harvard, where he will stay for the whole summer and complete 8 college credits. He will not forget about break dancing though, for there is a local group near Harvard that he will be practicing with.
Sanchez remembers his father always telling him, “Never see a ceiling, reach higher than other people expect you to reach” and he plans to live by it.


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