Athlete Does it All

By Mina Kamis

Laura Donaldson, a junior here at McNary, is a beast at sports. She runs cross country and track, as well as plays soccer and swimming. Her motivation throughout all the sports she’s in is winning, succeeding, and the support from people. Her favorite sport is track. “I like the people in track, the coach is great, and I love sprinting,” Donaldson said. “I cant imagine not doing sports,” she said.
Donaldson started competing in sports when she was in kindergarten. She’s worked hard and has continued since then. “My biggest weakness is that I am mentally doubtful, but I have coaches and friends that keep my chin up,” Donaldson said.
“You have to have a good attitude throughout the entire game to show good sportsmanship and good leadership,” Donaldson said.
When track began Laura was put on varsity, and it was tough because she was the youngest one on the team, but she was lucky enough to get on a team that made her feel like she was one of them, welcome, and she fit in.
Since that time she had tried her best to make every new player feel like they fit in.
“Being in so many sports calls for sacrifices, I gave up Dutch… I drank it at least three times a day!” she said.
Fundamentals focused on during practices are precisely every little thing. Making each individual part stronger. “The main thing track needs to work on this year to be the best is to not screw off, and put efforts in our work outs.” Laura said. In the near future Laura wants to swim or run track in college, then major in physical training. What has the team taught you about life? “In track, even if you worked hard and the score isn’t so great, you still have people there to support you. It really helped with when our chins were down. Made us feel like we tried our best and that’s all that counts.” Shared Laura
“Having a coach like we did in track was the best! We were constantly told to not give up, believe in your self, and stay healthy.”
Next year the team is ready to compete, and beat their “ENEMY”… south! The team all needs to be focused as a whole. Laura’s biggest goal is to get first place in swimming at the 100, and 50 free styles, and then make her way up to state. Laura’s parents support her in all the sports she does. They buy her all the things she needs, and come to all her meets. Laura Donaldson is a beats at sports, she wishes more students come to swim meets and help support our school.



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