Changing Generations of McNary

By: Melanie Brower

Mrs. Tavares, now.

Over the years McNary High School and its students have changed quite a bit. For the staff who were former students,

they get to witness these changes first hand. English Teacher, Mrs. Heidi Tavares, who graduated in ‘97, was involved in many things including Track and Cheer-leading and is now married to her high school sweetheart.“Being involved in school programs and sports is very important now, and it was important to me when I went here. So many kids now-a-days just don’t have spirit like it used to be. Every student used to go to every game, every pep assembly, every dance, every event and show their enthusiasm to be a part of the Celtic family. Now kids show up and it’s like they just don’t care,” Tavares said.
“However, I see my kids in school now and can definitely see that there is improvement in the learning and involvement of all the younger kids, and that shows that the future generations will continue to grow stronger as they pass through this school onto their lives,” Tavares said. Another former student, Office Manager Mrs. Jan Moch, graduated from McNary in ‘75 and was involved in the schools music program, the Highlanders.
“When I went to school, there was no such thing as ‘the smokers ally’ (a place where

This is the Art teacher, Mr. Jason Heimerdinger toda students now, go and smoke). There are somany things that the kids have now that weren’t really a big problem when I was here. One thing I notice the

Fine arts teacher, Mr. Jason Heimerdinger prior.

most is the trash problem, kids need to take pride in their school, in their environment, and to see the mess th

ey leave behind, it needs to be worked on,” Moch said.
Moch said.“I have my concerns, of course, but over all the school is headed in a good direction,”Fine Arts-Video Teacher/ Activities Director Mr. Jason Heimerdinger was a student of McNary who graduated in ‘96. He was involved in many programs including the ASB president, Varsity Swim, an Anchor/Producer for the Celtic Network, and he was in many other student activities.

On the cliques students are involved in, Heimerdinger said, “Not too much has changed, students still have groups offriends with whom they share common interests and those tend to be the people they congregate with. Breaking away from what’s easy has always been a challenge, but there are great benefits for anyone who’s bold enough to cross over and spend time with people in different groups.

“Life is full of diversity that
needs to be appreciated, not judged.” Heimerdinger adds, “We have many outstanding programs in the school, we need to support all students who put their skills on the line and perform as Celtics.”

Office manager Mrs. Moch prior.

Office Manager, Mrs. Moch now.


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