Swimming Season Comes to an End

By: Jazmin Ratliff

Laura Donaldson and, Perry Groves are both swim team lovers.
Donaldson loves swim team from how different it is from all the other sports.
Donaldson and, Groves wants to change how people see swim team. Its hard work, but no one understands just how hard it really is. At district competition the boys did well. The 200 free relay and 400 free relay went on to state.
On the 200 relay team the swimmers are. .

– Groves,Kevin
– Groves,Perry
– Jones,Ben
– Miller,Seth
On the 400 relay team the swimmers are
– Miller,Seth
– Groves,Kevin
– Johnson,Ben
– Fox,Alex
“ The girls did well, But not our best” Donaldson said at districts.
The team itself had a good year with lots of support from each other lots of laughs and hard work. I could tell that they enjoy each other as well as working hard. All the hard work dose pay off. They not only start strong as a team but they finish strong as a team as well. Perry Groves took 12th in the 50 free. At the swim meets the whole team did well. When I went to watch them everyone was focused and new what they had to do. I saw some of the swimmers not have a good run, but they never beat each other up. The team it self is a big support group. I saw This one kid who had a bad run and not one, not two but Five of this team mates came up to make sure that he was ok and to give him support. When the swimmers took the spot to get ready to jump in the water. They are so on target and now what they doing, They swims with a lot of strength. They work together for support when they are in the pool swimming at the end of the pool they have big sighn’s with big numbers saying what lap they on and tell each other “you got this”, “Keep it up”. When they get really excited they all slap the water on the line they are at and tel the swimmer.” That he swimmers did a great job this year, They worked very hard. The swimmers never backed down from competition. The alternates were Nick Morgan, Elieso Bell- Uribe Nd Jeramiah Hamilton.” The couch, Kim Phillips said that she had been coaching swim team for 31 years. This year of swim team has been one of the best year from what I saw. Nick Morgan says that this was a great last year for him in swim team. All the swimmers had a blast and the new freshman saw what they are up for in the years to come for them. They were focused and new what had to be done to get to their and the teams goal. Always had support for each other and as a whole team never put each other down always had each others back.


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