Superbowl XLVI

By: Angel Cruz

February, 5th 2012 at exactly 6:30 P.M. in Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, was the Forty Sixth Super Bowl. Only two teams advance to the Super Bowl every year, and one of those teams was the AFC champions the New England Patriots, who fought their way to the Super Bowl by defeating a very skilled team Baltimore Ravens.

They were not the only ones who had to take on a highly skilled team. New York went in to the playoffs looking like a team who would not have any chance of advancing further than the first round. However, they did the impossible by defeating three amazing teams including the Atlanta Falcons, former champions Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco 49ers.
The New York Giants came in with a lot of confidence because of their previous wins. New England came in with the confidence of only their Quarterback, Tom Brady, who has been to the Super bowl five times.
As the game began, thousands of fans everywhere thought the highly skilled team, New England, was going to go home with the win and be the new Super Bowl Champions. They thought wrong. New York put up a fight and ended up defeating New England 21-17. This is the second time New York has defeat New England in six years.
I had a chance to talk to Eddy Nunez, a McNary student, about this thoughts on this. “I thought it would have been more exciting. I was hoping to see Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers, yet that didn’t happen,” Nunez said. Every year since the fifth grade I’ve tuned in to watch the Super Bowl and, just like the year before, it never fails to grab my attention; I cannot even move from my television set. Except for this year, I was just a little hurt because it was not as exciting as last year or the previous year. It seemed to just have crossed my mind, I did not really pay attention as I did the years before.
Nunez’s prediction for next year is that it will be 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles. “I just think that those are two big opponents who are really doing business I feel that they will start the nex
t season very well and I think it will be one heck of a Super Bowl,” Nunez said.

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