Looks Like He’s A Ladies’ Man!

Not many high school boys can say that they have Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih’s cell phone number. 17 year old junior, Anthony Aguilar does.
“She’s pretty cool. She gave me her number and we text here and there,” Aguilar said. “We’re just friends. But we are friends on Facebook so it’s official,” Aguilar said.
Miss USA was Anthony’s coach for the few short months it took to film his transformation to be a ladies man on season 11 of the hit TV show, MTV’s MADE.
Aguilar auditioned for MADE early last year to be made into a ladies man. He wanted to be made into a ladies man to gain the confidence with the ladies he thought he needed. He is an A and B student and is involved in drama and theater here at McNary.
Last year when Aguilar auditioned for MADE, his audition was the initial interview as well. A month later he got called in for another interview only this time it was two hours long. A camera then followed him around for two days. Over the summer they checked in with him and had him complete quite a few tests. They had him give blood, go see a psychologist, and get a physical.
Towards the end of August Aguilar got the call saying he would be on the show. The cameras were with him almost every second of everyday for four entire weeks.
Throughout his transformation they cut his hair and bought him two outfits. Aguilar said that he will only wear one of the outfits because it is formal.
Aguilar said that he was happy with the outcome. He was happy with everything other than the fact that they betrayed his friend Felicia.
“Parts of the show weren’t real. That whole football scene at West was fake. Other than that, it was really fun,” Aguilar said.
In Aguilar’s opinion the best moment on the show was meeting Miss USA and the camera crew. He is good friends with the crew. Miss USA is in love with Aguilar’s dog, Charlie.
He also enjoyed being flown to to New York for a week to go through voice overs. “I got to see how they do everything and what they do.”
The worst part of the experience was people being fake. Some people only pretended to be my friend to get on camera. “I now know who my real friends are,” Aguilar said. At first Aguilar was nervous because he didn’t know what was going to happen. “It was weird having a camera following me around all the time but after awhile i got used to it. The weirdest thing was having them go into my bedroom,” Aguilar said.“Them being there 24/7 was awkward at first but then I got used to it. Towards the end they got annoying. It was also weird because i had to kind of watch what i said because i wasn’t sure if they were going to try and twist my words or not,” Aguilar said.“I’m still the same person that I was. People come up to me in grocery stores sometimes asking if I’m that kid from that show. I have a lot more friends on Facebook now but that’s about the only other thing that has changed,” Aguilar said.
“I think becoming a ladies man was successful because being a ladies man isn’t all about having girls all over you. My definition of a ladies man is different than others. I don’t want the ladies.
A ladies man is someone who is confident. They are able to tell a girl they like her. Before the show I was a theater dork. I still am, I just have more confidence now,” Aguilar said.
The outcome Aguilar pictured was being with Felicia but he thinks everything is okay. She now knows the secret he kept for three years. At the end of the show Aguilar ended up going to homecoming with Julia. They are just friends. Right now he says that he doesn’t have his eyes on anyone.
“I watched the show first with my family because i wasn’t sure what was going to air. Then afterwards I watched it with friends,” Aguilar said. “They captured my personality.”
Aguilar’s parents were supportive throughout the whole process.
“They didn’t think I’d make it but they were happy that I did. When I called my mom and said I was auditioning she thought I was joking,” Aguilar said.
There was no contract to be on the show and Aguilar didn’t get paid. It wasn’t glamorous, and it wasn’t a truth based story. It was a reality based one.
“When I was in New York I got to be in the background of the Today Show. I wore a neon sweater so you could see me,” Aguilar said.
After high school Aguilar wants to go to college and would like to major in theater but he is still undecided. Theater is his favorite subject and Mr. Myers is his favorite teacher.
After being on MADE, Aguilar said that he might audition for other things as well. He will continue to be involved in drama.


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