Salem-Keizer Under Water

By: Amanda Potts

On January 20, 2012 school was canceled do to district wide weather conditions. According to Principle John Honey, there were three major factors that he is aware of that contributed to the cancellation of school.
First there is the fact that some areas were affected more than others. One school’s closure affects the entire curriculum. Another reason is the issue of safety. Some students live by creeks, rivers, or ponds that made it unsafe to travel to school and home again. Not to mention the issue of weakened tree limbs and standing water for those walking home. The last thing the district wanted was students getting hurt trying to commute to and from school. The final contributing factor were citywide concerns such as bridges and roadways. Also meaning houses of the students that were affected, or at risk of being affected, by the flooding.
“Be aware that even though Keizer wasn’t affected others were,” Honey said.
Take North Salem High School for example. Their entire football field flooded, rendering portables useless islands, and some other facilities were also inaccessible. South’s fields were also under water.
The point is, think globally and find your sense of community. McNary’s basketball team did when a teammate’s house was at risk. They all pulled together and helped fill and stack sandbags to protect it.
English, AVID, and Newspaper teacher Mr. Ryan Somerville also found his sense of community when he helped evacuate the Salem Humane Society by taking a dog into his home. Somerville and his family later decided to keep the dog, known as Magic, as a permanent member of their household.
Cory Bond also thought globally when he decided to help fill sandbags at the Keizer Police Station for five hours. In that time he estimates the group he was with filled 2,000 sandbags. During the whole experience it never once stopped raining. However, he just wanted to help and he doesn’t regret choosing to spend his time there because, according to him, it was fun.
Even the “West Side Story” musical was canceled Thursday and Friday. Everyone involved in the play was really understanding when the situation was explained even though they were disappointed. They are trying to figure out if they will be able to reschedule the missed showings and are currently working with the company that owns the rights to the play. They will know for sure in the next few days.
Teachers were also affected by the flooding. These teachers include, but are not limited to, Math teacher, Louis Tiller; English teacher, Dan Borresen; and Science teacher Molly Gehley.
Think not only about your house, but your neighbor’s house, your friend’s house. Find your sense of community and be aware that, as Honey said, “It does have an impact, and people forget that.”

More photos can be found Here


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