The Career Centre Is Back In Business!

By: Tyler Kehret

Last year the district was hit with a major problem. With the removal of the career centers across the district, how are students going to be able to receive high school information? Our school has been able to open up the center on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 1:30 and 3:00.
“With the positions removed district wide we had to come up with a model to make sure that students still get the information that the Career Center provided,” said Mr. Justin Lieuallen. “We were able to find some volunteers that were able to get in there on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to help students the best that they can. If a student has a question that the volunteers can’t answer on the spot the volunteer can ask someone who can by the next Tuesday or Thursday have an answer,” Lieuallen said.

The Career center has tons of information on everything from college scholarships to military information. It is kind of the one stop shop for post high school lives. “We wanted to make sure that students had a place to go,” said Lieuallen.
“The Career Center is also a place where students can use the Career Information Services. This is a way for students to figure out what they want to do after high school. We are going to be teaching the entire freshman class this upcoming semester, with two training sessions, most likely in their wellness or P.E class,” said Lieuallen. This Career Information Services will be a great way for students who don’t know what they want to do yet, help form an idea through those resources.

“There are currently six computers in the Career Center dedicated to using the Career Information Services,” said Lieuallen. “There will also be a training session in the future for parents and we may have all of the computer labs in the school open up so that parents can be taught how their child can use the system.”
The Career Information Services will eventually remove parts of or eliminate all of the Personal Education Plan that students are required to have done for graduation.
“We are hoping that in the future we can open up the Career Center either more times per week and/or more times of the day,” said Lieuallen. “We look at it like mostly juniors and seniors use the career center, juniors and seniors sometimes have release during first and last periods. We would like the career center to be run maybe between like seven in the morning all the way to eight or even nine. The goal is to have it be open as much as possible,” said Lieuallen.
McNary is also working to possibly become an Aspire school or even have the entire school district become and Aspire district. “What this would do is essentially recreate what the Career Center last year, but it would be a lot cheaper to operate,” said Lieuallen. “There is a strong possibility that this or something very similar will happen in the future,” said Lieuallen.


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