Tardy Slips or Push-ups?

By: Richard Wenger

The tardy policy has changed for the new year. Since last school year our classes were roughly an hour in a half, which made students stand in line longer to get their tardy slips. This made students miss much of their classes.
Last year, Sue Smith, assistant principle at McNary, and some other teachers got together and came up with a new tardy policy.
The new policy states if your late for class, the teachers come up with their own punishment within the first five minutes after the bell.
Teachers were able to get very creative with how they wanted to do it. Some teachers have students do push ups or clean the desks. Others make their students take out their trash cans, which made it so the trash is taken out much more often. But on the other hand, if your more than five minutes late to class, you were sent to the attendance office to get a tardy slip.
“Detention is given to those who are tardy more often,” Smith said. During spring the teachers will get together and go over the policy and see what they can fix. The vending machines were put on timers this year, due to students being tardy.
Teachers have noticed that in the morning and during class time, students would stand at the vending machines to buy what they want. And then the bell rings and the students are then tardy. The vending machines were put on timers this year, due to students being tardy.
“That with out this new tardy policy students would have too much free time. With the new tardy policy, it helps to get more students to class on time,” Mr. Mark Looney said. After the fifth tardy, students are to get consequences.


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