Student Gets Scholarship

By: Allie Kehret

In high school many students begin looking at colleges. Hailey Decker and Deven Hunter,seniors at McNary, have been thinking about their future since sophomore year.
Hunter has looked at many colleges, but has decided to go to Oregon State University. She has a scholarship for basketball. Molly Gehley, teacher and varsity basketball coach at McNary, said, “She completely deserves this scholarship with her talent and hard work.”

Hunter said, “I chose this school because the coaches are great and its here close to home.” Not to mention the scholarship.
Hunter is not sure if she wants to be an ultrasound technician or an athletic trainer, but wants to be in the medical field. Hunter said, “ I’ve wanted to be some kind of doctor since I was little.” Gehley said, “she is committed to developing her whole game.” Hunter said, “I cant wait to play I love the game itself.”
Gehley said, “Sports help grades and that leads to high academic skills and planning. Which will be great heading into the world.” she also said, “This girl is driven to achieve great things and face anything that comes at her.”
The next four years may be difficult, but Hunter is determined and will work to achieve all her goals at Oregon State University.

Decker also looked at Oregon State University, but is going to attend University of Nebraska. She chose University of Nebraska mainly because of the facilities, the coaches, and the scholarship. Decker has a scholarship for softball, although she plays other sports. She was recruited by University of Nebraska and it didn’t take long for her to decide.
She wants to major in nutrition and sports exercise. Also, minor in psychology. Decker said, “I wanted to do something in sports but not in the medical field.”
Jeff Auvinen, teacher and softball coach at McNary, said, “Her work ethnic is great and will help her where ever she may travel.” Decker said, “I can’t wait to live in the Midwest, but mostly that I get to continue in softball.”
Decker will have a new start over in the Midwest, only knowing her roommate and some teammates. Auvinen said, “Softball will allow her to travel and meet new people.” he also said, “It will give her automatic friends and coaches looking out for her.
This is a great opportunity for both of these students. They will grow up to achieve great things like many other students here at McNary.


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