Freshman Wrestler, Weak or not?

What really started Darryl Wear wrestling was his dad.
His dad was a wrestler himself when he was in middle and high school so Wear starts to think more about the topic of wrestling. When he was young he would wonder how hard his own father really did work for he can be a wrestler. So, he made the choice to start wrestling at the age of seven years old and kept his promise to himself. Wear was an athlete since he was as young as he could remember.
So, even though he plays many of different sports he decides to be in the McNary wrestling team this year. He is only a freshman wrestler but he does the best he can do in all the practices coached by Mr. Jason Ebbs. Even though Darryl is still a freshman he trains like he was older.
What Wear is dedicated to working hard in every practice to progress in the wrestling Field as much as he can. Who knows a freshman that love sports may even go to state like some of his fellow teammates. Wear is not only into sports, but he has interests such as scouting and he also has goals in his life he would love to accomplish. Wear knows if you want to do something in life you need to grab it by the horns and do the absolutely the best you can do. “If you work hard you will get good rewards;if you don’t work hard you will get bad rewards”said Wear. Keep on working your hardest and you will get rewarded in the long run. As anyone can see when you talk to him, he has a boat lode of confidence in all areas.Athletes just like him knows you need to do you best no matter if it a leg press or something harder.But what a lot of people don’t know is that mostly all Darryl’s motivation comes from his own dad.Not by making him do his best but by telling him that he can do it and how hard it was at first for himself doing wrestling in middle and high school.
Something Darryl would like every Celt to know is his whole team works hard as well as himself.Also, Mr.Ebbs as a coach tries his hardest to have the team do the best to their ability and the benefits as being a team.”That’s not all” said Darryl Mr.Ebbs even keeps the team focus on what they really want to do in life.So, Darryl just a freshman or someone people look up to because of his dedication for the sport wrestling.All the Celt’s can do is watch and decide for them self what some freshman can do in life.

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