Barbaric Shoppers Hunt for Perfect Gift!

By: Stacey T.

“Black Friday” sounds more like a morbid occasion rather than a day starting off one of the most merry times of the year. Originating in Philadelphia, the term was first used in reference to the mad traffic jams and pedestrian frenzies in a publication in 1966. However, “Black Friday” can also be used to indicate the point in the year where retailers begin to turn a profit, or “are in the black”.

With all the hype and promoting of incredible deals, it’s difficult to not get caught up in all the hustle and bustle. However, one holiday is often overlooked in the anticipation of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day to stop our busy lives and truly think about who we care for most and realize all the blessings we have. You would think people would be put in a kind and compassionate mood after a mushy-gushy-day with family and friends, but on the contrary, this feeling melts away the second the shopper steps onto her playing field.

This special day has become the busiest shopping day of the year. Opening doors at 6:00 am was once a bit of stretch, but nowadays, that would be sleeping in for the dedicated shopper. This year,Target opened at midnight, the Woodburn outlets had shoppers going at 9:00 pm, and Sears, was open on Thanksgiving; closing down for the night has apparently become too overrated.

Black Friday shoppers aren’t your average aisle-browser. Determined and on a mission, they are relentless in getting what they want. This year, one die-hard lady brought pepper spray with her and injured at least ten of her fellow shoppers, including children. In 2008, a 34 year old employee was trampled to death in Valley Stream, New York, when an anxious crowd stormed into a local Walmart after the 5:00 am opening.

A new “shopping event” has begun to surface amongst the public. Cyber Monday, the Monday immediately following Black Friday, is a neologism invented in 2005 by the National Retail Federation’s division Many retailers began noticing a trend in 2003 and 2004 that consumers, who were too busy to shop on Black Friday or didn’t get around to it, were turning to the internet for their shopping bargains instead.

Whether by foot or by internet, Americans have perfected mass bargain shopping. No amount of turkey on Thanksgiving will slow us down; we may be lazy but we sure are determined.


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