Can the Wrestlers go to State this Season?

For wrestling this year, the McNary Celtic’s have many talented people returning for another season.Although they are talented they also need to be tested to show and demonstrate their skills.The older and more experienced wrestlers want to make their mark at the state tournament to bring home a medal placing which will prove how good they are. The younger wrestlers have the same goal.

Grant Gerstner is one of the many wrestlers on the team. He practices like everyone else determined  to do his best in both practices and matches.The wrestling team as a whole did lose some Seniors due to graduation but this year everyone is going to step up to the plate and show that this year is greater then last. Last year the McNary Celtics placed in fifth in state if they step it up they can do better.”There are three most important things in wrestling which are Strength, Techniques, and Heart “said Gerstner.

Another player is Mason Ross, he plans to keep on working hard during the practices and motivate his team.This team all together they can do a great job do because all the talent and by determination. The sport of wrestling has two different championships: A dual match champion    (team with the best dual match record) and a Regional Championship( where all the individual performance are added up among all the regional teams).So, as you can tell our wrestlers really have a lot to look at during this new season. Last year you all know we placed fifth in state but this year are wrestling team is planning to get at less forth in state to show improvement.

What a lot of people been asking about is how are we going to accomplish these goals and how to prepare our team. Mr.Jason Ebbs is planing to make them work the harder then they have ever worked before. All the practices will be intents to push the team to their limits.The wrestlers are going to fight in the practice room everyday against some of the toughest kids in the state which will force team to become tougher than themselves.What Ebbs and the whole coaching staff does a wonderful job in motivating and preparing every player in every sport. One thing that Ebbs team would love to say is that he is a great and an amazing coach to have and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

“It’s easier to get what you want than to want what you have” said Ebbs.The champions at McNary High School want more than what they have.The Celtic’s have many challenges and obstacles they need to overcome in order to become closer to their goals and to be the best they can be at every match and championship.Our McNary Celtics are going to be the most conceited wrestlers to get ahead and win the most matches we can. “You can’t achieve your greatest dreams if you don’t dare to dream” said Ebbs. If you do not have any goals or dreams how are you going to accomplish anything if you do not have a clue what you want.
Every “wrestler trains in 3D-Dedication,Determination, and Discipline”said Ebbs;without these three things how would you be truly a team player and not just a person on the team no one likes to talk to or help you at practices.But knowing our team and our Celtic’s everyone should know we have pride in what we do and everything that goes on at McNary.

So, everyone remember we are the Celtics and we are the best!
A lot of people do not know there is not only one coach and his name is Shawn Hall. He is the heavy weights wrestlers which are mostly seniors. What he plans to do for practices is to get them moving and have them make daily progress to get them ready for regional and state.For this season there are a lot more heavy weights then last year. “And there is another 3D that wrestler train in and that is desire, dedication, and determination”said Mr.Hall.All the wrestlers out there know how hard they really try. “Ability is not dictated by talent but by the amount of heart”said Mr.Hall .You don’t need to be the best all you need to do is your best and you will see you can do anything you set your mind to.

Jessi Blyant also known as vanilla gorilla by the Celts in the wrestling team.This year they wrestling team can hopefully beat Sprague in the matches and tournaments we have a head for this new season.The wrestling team has a chance to go to the championship this season it’s a long journey but our fellow Celtics can do it. “Pain is a weakness leave your body” said Jessi.You can always do more not just the best you can do but even better if you try to progress.One thing Jessi says is that “all the coaches and and the team are all doing an phenomenal job not just this season but all season”.Even the freshman have many people on the team that are doing a excellent job.Also, a warning for the competitors don’t judge what the Celtics are capable of doing on or off the mat.


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