Adopt a Celt

By Allie Kehret

“There are more needs this year than ever before,” said McNary’s principal, Mr.John Honey. “It gives our school a chance to help those in need,” said a teacher at McNary, “Jason Heimerdinger, “that’s why Adopt-A-Celt is such a great opportunity.”
Adopt-A-Celt has been at our school for over twenty years and helps twenty to thirty families in the Keizer area. These families may be dealing with job loss, disabilities, illness, financial need, or maybe homeless.
Honey said, “Some of these families are just making it, but then a parent loses a job and all of a sudden they have to choose between food or heat every month, or whether they want to give up water just to have a roof over their heads.”
Adopt-A-Celt gives these families a holiday meal and gifts. Heimerdinger said, “We try not to only give them a holiday meal, but also food for the few weeks and everyday needs like soap.”
“These usually aren’t just silly gifts like toys, but usually are things like hats and coats or maybe even clothes,” said Honey. He also said, “Every little thing we give adds up to make those families better, which makes our school better, which then improves Keizer including all those around and in it.”
“This whole process takes time, the counselors think of families in need,match the resources with needs, then we have to give a family to each participating group, one of the hardest things is sorting it all out and shopping in the end. While doing all this we also have to keep this anonymous, which can be difficult,” said Heimerdinger.
Honey said, “The families also come to us with their needs, not just in the holiday seasons but throughout the year.” All types of groups participate in Adopt-A-Celt. Many groups are classes, clubs, teams, teachers, or sometimes a Celtic student.
“I’ve seen some of the conditions these families live in. No heating, dirty places, unsafe environment, ten people living in a two bedroom house. It really makes you appreciate all you have,” said Heimerdinger.
“I really appreciate students and staff here at McNary who come together to support our family,” said Honey. He also said,”We help them to the best of our ability. I mean you wouldn’t turn your back on your family, so why would you turn your back on your Celtic family?”


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