Guitarist Plans to Rock the Stage!

by Mina KamisA talent with strings and a passion for music. Alex Perkins, a 16-year-old McNary junior who plays the Strat-Style guitar. He has played for seven years and loves what he does. He’s not currently in a band but wants to gather some skilled, quick learning, and creative people to create a band.
High school treats him well. “It has its ups and downs,” Perkins said. Looking into the future Perkins wants to be a musician. He worked real hard to get where he is now. His first experience with a guitar was when he was nine years old. A music teacher at Clear Lake elementary school offered to teach every Tuesdays during lunch. He saw this opportunity and grabbed it.

Perkins has goals set, first is to get a band started, second is to play for more people, and third is to be the opening act for bands. He’s setting goals, and is out to reach them.   In ten years Alex sees himself up on stage opening for bands, but to do that he must get a band. Find people who have a mined goal, dedicated, and skilled.

The music Perkins admires is metal. It’s challenging music that’s complex. “It’s an expression of what I like, and who I am, and it’s awesome,” said Perkins. One of his favorite songs is “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. He played that song at his freshman talent show. Sophomore year at the talent show he played Crazy Train by Ozzy.
“In my spare time, besides playing the guitar, I hang out with my friends. I hang out with people with similar interest, and are fun to hang around.”

Alex writes his own songs, songs with very few lyrics, and that lure into darker topics than people think. “But its natural,” he says. When he first stared playing he realized the instrument guitar highly fascinated him. It was inspiring, and cool.
One of the first songs he learned to play was “Ariel’s” by System of a Down. Bands that inspire him and that he favors are Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera because “My main inspirations are Angus Young from ACDC and Kirk Hammett from Metallica,” Perkins said.
Everyday from half an hour to four hours Perkins practices. His biggest support are his parents, they support to an extent, they want him to succeed but also have a black up plan.
Christmas 2009 he got his first quality amp. “My mom really supports me, even if she doesn’t like the music.” Friends and some teachers even support him. When you’re supported in something you like doing, it gives you motivation to never give up and keep moving forward.


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