by Mina Kamas

Being a new teacher is not an easy job. But for one of  McNary’s new teachers it seems as though it is. Ms. MarrlaWilkinson, a college graduate from Santiago University and Portland University, now teaches at McNary. She gave us the time to ask her a few questions, such as, “what have you heard about this school?” she’s heard and seen that the people here are really into sports, and involved athletes. She’s noticed students care about their grades. She said students are constantly checking with her about there grades. She also claims staff and students are very friendly.
Wilkinson really likes it here, she said, “I do, I like it a lot, I love how helpful, and creative everyone is.” She highly appreciates the library, they are so friendly.
Not every teacher enjoys teaching, per say, but for Wilkinson it’s a legitimate reason to love teaching. She has a bundle of energy! She likes to make jokes but still “bossy” she’s loud, out going, and loves sharing her ideas to the audience. She encourages students to read and write, “no one hates to read or write, they just haven’t found the right book, or topic to write about.” and she’d go out of her way to help any one.
Relating to students is a difficult thing to accomplish, because adults aren’t kids, they font know eBay an average teenager goes through an the stress upon themselves. Marrla tries to relate to each individual student, person, kid by getting on their level, trying to be there, but at the same time be serious, and make fun out of it. She’s strict so they work, but she understands most of the students. She grew up in the Northwest, and get the culture of our time, “knows what’s up,” said Marrla Wilkinson. She also shared that she herself would get in trouble for talking in a class, so she knows how it is between students, you wanna socialize, and mess around during class, she’s a lenient teacher but still strict.
Marrla Wilkinson has had many jobs in the past, none really felt right to her. She tried teaching, and fell in love. She highly enjoys what she dose. They only tough part of this job is she lives far out in Portland. So waking up early, and driving to Salem Keizer is a distance worth her time.
Wilkinson, always so delightful… How does she do it? “I try to breath, and unstressed, nothing is personal, I take one step, one day at a time.” it makes her happy coming to school because she loves the students.
How many students do teachers handle a day, at least a hundred throughout a whole day every day. “It’s hard, I wish I can give more attention. There’s only one of me, and I try to say something nice to each individual as I get to know the students more and more,” said Ms. Wilkinson.
Being creative is something every teacher should have. It’s easier to create or make lesson plans. Marrla likes using her ideas, and goes online for even more ideas, it’s a great source of ideas. Overall, Marrla Wilkinson loves her job. It changed her life, she says. “I love the students! I can’t wait to get to know them better. It’s a challenge that will never end. I will never be the best teacher, there’s no such thing as becoming perfect.” says Marrla. So there you go McNary, an inside scoop on one of the new teachers here, and welcome Ms. Wilkinson to our school, staff, and students.


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  1. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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