Officer Hunter

By: Jazmyn Ortiz

What do you think of when you hear “law enforcement”? You might think “Oh great, mom and dad are going to kill me for getting a ticket”  or “Oh great, mom and dad are going to kill me for getting another ticket.” But do you think the phrase law enforcement when you pass Officer Hunter’s office?

McNary High school’s resource officer, Brian Hunter, has been a police officer for 25 years. This is his sixth year as our school resource officer (SRO), though he has done it in the past elsewhere; no matter where he’s at,  he loves it.“I had a great time doing it,” said Hunter. Once the position opened up here, Officer Hunter left the middle and elementary schools behind.

But what exactly does he do? “I investigate crimes in the school and I also try to build relationships with the students so they feel comfortable talking to me,” said Hunter. Another thing that Officer Hunter’s job requires is putting parents’ minds at ease knowing there is an SRO to keep the school safe.

Before becoming McNary’s SRO, however, Officer Hunter worked as a detective. During that time, he investigated robberies, assaults, and even murders. “I loved working as a detective, but I really enjoy the schools,” he said

Officer Hunter’s son, sophomore Alex Hunter, said, “Its better having him as an SRO. He doesn’t have to be on call and he’s home when I’m home.”

Even though he is a police officer, Officer Hunter isn’t as strict as one might think. Alex stated that it’s actually cool having his dad as his school resource officer.

“It’s nice because I get to see him…it doesn’t bother me at all,” he said.

When asked what McNary is like compared to other schools, Officer Hunter said, “We have a great environment.  It’s kind of its own school outside the district. It’s only that small handful of students that create the problems, just like the real world.”

Officer Hunter’s favorite thing about his job is being around the “great students and great staff.” His least favorite thing about his job? “People doing things they shouldn’t, like bringing drugs to school. They really don’t understand the bad things that can happen from bringing those things to school.”


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