McNary’s Outstanding Report Card

By: Destiney Buchholz
McNary has gone from satisfactory to outstanding on the last report card. The State report card rates schools based on grade rate, state test scores and the participation rate. It is a report card showing all of our state testing scores. This year McNary improved in all three areas. Our Reading and Math scores went up this year. We are  the only High school in the Salem/Keizer school district that has outstanding. There were only three schools whose scores increased this year. More schools had declined across the state. “I feel super proud. I told the staff early i was so happy,” Principal John Honey said. “Its important to know that teachers are focusing on stuff that is important to the standards,” Honey said. We can give credit to the whole staff. Our ground work had been laid which helped us maintain our momentum. After becoming outstanding on our report card the only thing we can do now is keep it up for four more years. This is such a big deal because not every school gets outstanding scores. It confirms that we are doing good work. It also shows that our time and money spent working on getting better was worth it. “The next thing we want to try for is the AYP, or the Adequate yearly progress. We barely missed it this year,” Honey said. The AYP is federal comparing groups within the district and the state; meaning they compare how easily races and genders learn the material. They make sure that everyone is moving forward together. “Getting all outstanding and meeting the AYP is like wining the superbowl,” Honey said.  AYP is the best thing you can do with a school. Now we need to focus on having more students meet and exceed on their test scores. “I am very proud of all the students and staff. Staff is EVERYONE! It was a great group effort,” Honey said.

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