Local Pizza Review

by Tyler KehretWho has the best pizza in Keizer? Well to answer this question we decided to put the pizzas to a test.
Now for this test we decided that we should not taste test the pizza chains in Keizer, such as Pizza Hut,
Round Table Pizza, and Little Caesars. After taking out the chain we decided to judge three different
pizza places, Padington’s Pizza, Abby’s Legendary Pizza, and JC’s Pizzaria. To keep the judging fair we had
to test the same pizza across the board, a pepperoni pizza. The criteria for our judgment involved four
different elements, cheese, crust, sauce, and pepperoni. Each element was also given a grade from one
to five stars, and an overall grade from one to five stars.
Padington’s Pizza
(503) 378-0345
410 Pine Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

The first pizza that we tasted was From Padington’s Pizza. I know this pizza technically didn’t come from
within Keizer, but it’s pretty close and well worth the drive into Salem to go and grab pizza from here.
Crust: The crust at Padington’s Pizza was by far the best crust. It was thin and crispy and the
cornmeal texture takes the crust over the top. Also it is worth mentioning that this was the only
crust out of the three that was cooked properly.

Sauce: This pizza sauce was one of the hardest things to judge out of the three pizzas, mostly
because there was a lack thereof. There was very minimal sauce on the pizza however it
seemed as though there was no need for a lot of sauce. In this case less does mean more.
Cheese: The cheese on this pizza was ok, but it was not the best. It wasn’t a ton of cheese but
it wasn’t too little. The cheese was also slightly chewy, but not to the point where you would no
longer want to eat it.
Pepperoni: The pepperoni on this pizza was a nice surprise, it was a cupped pepperoni, and
unlike other cupped pepperoni where the cup is usually filled with grease, this pepperoni was
nearly grease-free. The pepperoni also had a little a little bit of a kick to it, but not too much
which was good.
Overall: Overall this pizza was really good, also considering that for a non-fast food chain the
prices are fairly cheap. Plus there was foil at the bottom of the box which is convenient for
wrapping up those last few pieces. Overall I would give this pizza 4½ starts out of five.
Abby’s Pizza
(503) 393-2229
3451 River Road North
Keizer, OR 97303
The second pizza that we taste tested was a lot different from the other two. Abby’s pepperoni pizza
was just a different style pizza compared to the other pizzas.
Crust: The crust on this pizza was thicker compared to the other two pizzas. For the pizza that
we tested however the crust was almost a disaster. The edges of the crust was nearly burnt and
then the closer we got to the center of the pizza, the dough was not cooked thoroughly. It was
burnt and crispy on the outside, and not cooked and chewy on the inside.
Sauce: This pizza unlike Padington’s pizza actually had sauce. This sauce was very, very good.
The sauce was sweeter than what I had expected. Out of the three pizzas this sauce was the
best by far. I could probably use this sauce on a lot of other foods and they would taste better
because of it. The sauce is the major reason why I would buy this pizza.
Cheese: The cheese at Abby’s was hard to remember. It wasn’t so bad, or so good to make
me remember it, it was simply ok. I do remember that the cheese was whiter than on the other
pizzas. I am assuming this means that it was a different type of cheese or cheeses. Also there
was almost a layer of grease on top of the cheese which I thought was slightly gross.
Pepperoni: The pepperoni on this pizza was different from the others. It was not a cupped
pepperoni, it is sliced pepperoni however. The pepperoni was also much bigger and was
not as spicy as the other two. I enjoyed this pepperoni a lot, but not as much as Padington’s
Overall: This pizza was fairly good, it may have been better than Padington’s pizza if it were
not for the crust. Also the sauce really saved this pizza. The sauce really made this pizza feel
like some effort was actually put into this. Also take into consideration that this was the most
expensive pizza of the three. I would give Abby’s Legendary Pizza 3½ stars.
JC’s Pizzaria
The third pizza that we taste tested from JC’s Pizzaria. When we first opened the box it looked very
similar to the pizza from Padington’s except for one thing, the crust on the outside was huge.
Crust: The crust seemed to take up at least 75 percent of the pizza, and it was bubbling up, which
is not my favorite. It seemed to take away from the other layers, especially the cheese. Also the big
bubbles on the outside of the pizza caused the pizza to crumble; it was not an appealing pizza.
Sauce: This sauce was similar to Padington’s in the fact that there wasn’t much. However
there was not a super good crust to make up for the lack of sauce. It lowered the score on this
pizza a lot.
Cheese: The cheese was the only saving grace on this pizza. It was very thick, not to chewy
and just perfect. I only wish that the crust didn’t come so far in so I could enjoy the cheese a
little bit longer. I actually tore the cheese off of the crust so I could simply eat the cheese.
Pepperoni: The pepperoni was also a cupped pepperoni. However in this pizza the pepperoni
was more of a grease cup. The pepperoni was also very salty and crunchy. It wasn’t the best
pepperoni I’ve had but it wasn’t the worst either.
Overall: JC’s Pizzaria unfortunately was the worst pizza of the three. Between the three of
us, we were not able to finish the pizza. Also there was not foil or lining at the bottom of the
box so the pizza was partially stuck to the cardboard. The cheese is the only thing giving this a
somewhat decent score. I gave JC’s Pizzaria a 2½ stars out of five.
All of the pizzas had an upside and a downside, but the clear choice was Padington’s Pizza. I just
wish I could combine the crust and pepperoni from Padington’s, the sauce from Abby’s and the
cheese from JC’s, now that would be a good pizza.

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