Football Fall 2011

by Carissa Cumings


Cody Ratliff is one of the football players on the Junior Varsity football team. He said that we were in for an okay season and that’s exactly what we got for this year. Cody Ratliff plays center,which is offense. He also plays defense .One thing that makes Cody stick out is that he is one person on the team that tries to motivate his team members like his coach. The coach Mr. Ward is really hard on the football players. He wants to push them to their limits so that way, they can reach their full potential.In the last two games against Sprague and McKay, the team hadgrown closer, as a team should.

Another player on the team Kelly Cowan said that this football season overall has been a success. All the players have grown much closer. This year’s football team made it to the playoffs and will hopefully make it a few rounds in this year. One thing stays the same from football player to football player and that is Mr. Ward is trying his hardest to prepare the team for the playoffs. This year Mr. Ward has put in everything he had for the football team and of course the sport itself. Also the team is ready for the playoffs and most likely will be successful. Mr. Ward does not believe in having tricks up his sleeve but he does believe in preparing his team for the challenges that the team might face during the game. One thing Mr.Ward would love to tell his team is “ the football team has greatly improved this year and is doing better then last year.”The team together is greatly motivated about the playoffs and they are good enough that they do not need any tricks during the playoffs.

Garret Hittner is one more football player on Mr. Ward’s team. “Everyone loses at something but that wont stop the football team from being the best team in Keizer.So based on everything you can expect the play offs to be fun and thrilling games for the McNary Celtics to watch or just to hear about the games.”

The team could do better, but the team is better than what everyone thinks. All the practices Mr.Ward has the players go to makes the team motivated and prepared for any tricks the opponents have up their sleeve so no one can trick the Celtics that easily. Due to everything that  all the Celtics have been through, everyone even their own coach knows that we have a chance to be the best in Salem/ Keizer  maybe even in Oregon; if we just try the hardest and do the best all the time.

In the beginning we started out weak, but towards the end we finished everything out strong. This shows that if you do your best, there would be no losers or winners all there is the fun and  motivation of the sport or game.


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