By: Allie Kehret

Varsity soccer player Camille Nelson has been playing for four years. “As a soccer player you use your voice a lot, which makes it more difficult for me because I don’t have much of a voice,” said Nelson.
This is because Nelson has thyroid cancer.  She also said that, “After leaving the team for a few weeks it was hard to get back in shape”. As a defensive player you run a lot which is difficult for Nelson because thyroid cancer makes it hard to breathe.
This cancer hasn’t prevented her from playing; this is because she loves playing and loves her team.
When Nelson first found out she had Thyroid Cancer she was shocked. “By the time it sunk in, I had learned that it was one hundred percent treatable,” said Nelson, “so I wasn’t very scared.”
Thyroid Cancer can be treated through radiation. Nelson will finish her radiation over winter break and then the cancer will be completely gone.

Through the whole thing she had friends and family supporting her, even to this day; especially her siblings who are in college. “They would all call to check on me, I always had family there for me,” said Nelson. I also had friends like Hailey Decker and Laura Donaldson.
“Many people have been very inspirational to me,” said Nelson, “Coach Camerina, my soccer coach, has made a big difference in my life.”
Cancer has affected her in other activities too. Nelson no longer can sing in choir, whereas before she was in three different choirs. She also can’t participate in musicals. Her cancer has paralyzed her left vocal cord. Therefore people can’t hear her in loud places and she can’t yell to get people’s attention.
Nelson also said, “A lot of teachers can’t hear me in class which is very difficult, but they have been very helpful in letting me make up all the work I miss.”
But it’s not only at school when this cancer affects her. “When I go to a restaurant I have to have a friend order for me because the waiter can’t hear me, also when I go through a drive through they can’t hear a word I say,” said Nelson.
“People give me weird looks a lot of the time; they always want to know about my scar.” It runs across her neck so people usually notice.
Nelson has learned that little things in life aren’t that big of a deal. “Sure I want my old voice back, but I guess that life could be much worse,” said Nelson.
She has learned that she can overcome a lot of things. Hopefully in the future she can overcome anything in the way with her cancer gone.

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