Bella Starr

by Amanda Potts

For Senior, Belladina Starr art is her entire life. Each day she spends five of her seven class periods in an art class. Three of them are with Mr. Mark Kohley, the others are with Mr. Dallas Myers.
“She’s terrific to have in class and she has a really solid leadership ability, especially with the older students,” Kohley said. “She’s not a noisy leader, but a very effective one.”
Her leadership abilities come in handy as she is stage managing this year’s musical. Not only is she stage manager of West Side Story, she also plays the lead role in the fall play, Antigone.
“Anything she does, she does with excellent craftsmanship,” Kohley said. But what else does she do?
“I’m all about the fine and performing arts,” Starr said. Other than her involvement in the plays, she loves to draw and sculpt.
In her drawing, she likes to explore the dark and unusual aspects of art. As soon as she could pick a drawing utensil up, she was using it.
“I’m inspired by just what I see around me more than anything. People, nature, life.”
As she got older, her artistic life became a way for her and her dad to connect. “My entire family is like that. Pretty much everybody is involved in some way,” Starr said. With a family full of virtuosos, it must be hard to stand out.
“She’s trying to find her own niche,” Kohley said, referring to her stylistic place in her family. “She likes to work with the human form and do things that are more classical in nature. She works more with realism and makes that work with a really solid painting or a really solid sculpture.”
Starr has experimented with a variety of different things, but most of them just aren’t her thing.
“Her strongest asset, I would say, is her creativity,” Kohley said. She also comes up with good solutions to problems and has great critical thinking skills.
In the future she hopes to use her skills to major in Sociology and minor in theater. What about art though? “If I went into this as a career I think I would lose interest in it,” Starr said.
Involved in three art classes, along with two plays, Belladina Starr has a lot to balance. The option of giving any of it up doesn’t seem to be an option. “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have art. It’s my life. It’s what I do,” Starr said.


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