Volleyball at McNary

By: Allie KehretSpend a few moments watching our Celts play volleyball, and you will notice teamwork in action. “As a coach, I take it as my personal responsibility to make players successful,”  said Mr. Dustin Walker, varsity volleyball coach. To do this he tries to make the players realize that they are part of a team and the weight of winning doesn’t  fall on any one player’s shoulders.
Volleyball can be stressful at times. Tiffany Kottek, varsity volleyball captain, said “ Its hard to keep priorities straight when you’re doing something you love.”
Although, it does keep your mind straight. “Volleyball keeps us away from drugs and alcohol; we wouldn’t want anything to affect our game,” said Averi Wing, another varsity volleyball captain. The girls agree with her, and Deven Hunter, a third varsity volleyball captain adds  “It also helps to motivate us to keep our grades up so we can play.”
These senior girls have been working since middle school on their skills and have come a long way, reaching many goals. Kottek has been working on being a twelve sport athlete. She  is an athlete who played three sports each of her four years of high school,and she is almost there!
Hunter said “Although I started because of my parents, I have learned many skills, athletic and academic.”
“I will carry these skills throughout my life,” said Wing.
Walker enjoys working with the athletes and having that interaction  while the girls enjoy working on a team.
Hunter states “ We have the best fans and it is amazing when we see them cheering us on. It really encourages us!” Wing adds, “It really keeps us going with these daily practices.”
The daily practices aren’t only hard on players, but also on coaches.  Walker said, “With volleyball, my day usually goes from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm. And that’s only on practice days. During games, my day lasts until 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. Which makes it hard to see my family and keep up in my schoolwork.”
Whereas coaching can be stressful, it is important. “I had influential coaches, and now I feel as though I need to give that back to the community.“ said Walker. And he has.  This is his seventeenth year coaching volleyball. He also has coached basketball and track.  He plans to continue to do so again this year.
Walker also stated “I love coaching!  The only thing I would ever change would be the paper work, which is all worth it to see these players grow up.”
Volleyball takes amazing skill and technique. These girls have worked hard to be where they all are today, and they have built up what they needed to make captain. Along with the help of their coaches they have become amazing at what they do.
When asked, Walker said that this season should be successful based on his players. Hunter added  “It’s been kind of sketchy, but  it can only go uphill from here.”  Hopefully this season will be successful for all of the players.


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