by Destiny Buchholz

Over the summer our school was introduced to the word of remodeling. We might have hit a few bumps along the way but, over all it was a success. The school went through many make-overs but there are two that stand out more then the others.We got new Eco friendly windows. They are double pained which means they are supposed to insulate the school a lot better. They will keep the heat in and the cool out. They will also limit the amour of Sun rays let in through the windows. These windows didn’t cost any less but they will save us money in how we heat the school.
We also got new blinds to cover our windows. The reason it took so long for us to get the blinds is because the company went out of business during the process. The company was also providing blinds for two other schools.  The company hadn’t gotten any money yet and hadn’t ordered the material when they went out of business. The teachers here at McNary had a very stressful first couple weeks of school with no blinds. Of course the hottest days of the summer had to come when we have no blinds and no air conditioning, but we made it!
“With it being so hot it makes the school experience for teachers and students difficult. With it being so hot you can’t concentrate. It’s also hard because we can’t move the technology so the glare makes working on our computers harder,” Ms. Wheeler said.

“I would like to get blinds soon. The sun and glare on the computer screen hurts my eyes. A mural on the windows would be cool too,” Mrs. Vanbuskirk said.
“It hasn’t been too bad but the sun does blind the students. The sun does make it harder to see my computer screen and it makes it harder to use the projection screen. It is also extremely hot. Construction paper helps but, blinds would be a lot better,” Miss. Easterly said.
“Not having blinds gives us a lack of security. If there was an emergency we would have no where to hide. Any one can see in the classroom and see all the students and the set up and know exactly what they are walking into. The heat hasn’t been too bad, we have been mostly getting heat from across the hall,” DSL teachers said.
Back in 2008 the district passed a 242 million dollar construction bond. Most of that money has been used in the past three years to make our districts schools look a lot nicer and cleaner.
Another major remodel within our schools was the new paint. We did not pick these colors for our school. All the principles in the district sat down together and picked out six colors. Late winter, early spring of last year the district sat down and decided on six “district approved” colors.
Because of budget cuts the district was limited to six colors all together for all the schools. The same six colors would go in each school. We don’t have as many painters since the budgets cuts, so only having six colors makes things a lot easier on the painters so they can just keep all six colors in stock instead of ordering paint and ordering too much and having it sit there and go bad.
We are going to paint over the primer blue. (South Salem blue) so the hand rails, door frames and a lot of little things will be re painted. All the re painting will most likely be done over Christmas break. In the meeting when paint colors were decided Mr. Honey brought to everyones attention that McNary was here before we became a city so we should have our school colors in our school. Our schools colors are all over town so we should be able to have them in our school.
“When redoing the tiles in our school we looked for a modern look. We wanted something that made our school look cleaner, brighter and nicer,” Mr. John Honey said.
We are the only school in the district that has the tiles that are in our commons. They are more expensive but we got an extreme discount. The tiles are made partly of glass so they should be more durable. Now that McNary has endured many beneficial changes within our school we have to make sure we keep our campus clean. McNary high school has the dirtiest parking lot in the district! To others it makes us look dirty, sloppy and lazy.
“It’d be great if we could keep our school clean. We did lose a custodian so we really need the students help to keep our campus clean. Use a garbage can, not the ground. “

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