Jesus Mendoza

by: Carrisa Cumings

What started Jesus Mendoza’s dancing was his mother. When he was a young little boy his mother said to her son “If you don’t learn to dance, girl’s wont like you.”
Jesus was dancing since he can remember. But he didn’t start drawing until he was 13 years old.
Something that he would advice to other artists is “ Dream like you live forever. Just keep on dreaming and anything could be possible”
He has goals that he would love to accomplish just like everyone else. When he grows up, he would like to be a dance teacher or a graphic designer. To pick something you are really passionate about you’re most likely to love your job. It’s better than going to a job you hate and not even do the best you are capable of doing at your job. Also think about it, he could inspire kids to do better and find out what they are deeply passionate about in life. And to think if you take this advice you can end up at a job you truly love going to everyday.
Jesus loves seeing visual art, that’s actually why he started drawing. It’s also cool that Jesus likes more than one kind of art.
Art to Jesus is something to distract his mind, and the fact that art is so exiting to him is great. It’s way better to keep your mind and do something great instead of getting in trouble. Art is what keeps him nice when he wants to be mean.
What Jesus likes about his art is surprising, he actually doesn’t  like his art. He said it’s like every artist, he is really critical about his own art. But a lot of people in his art room love his art and his dancing skills. It just shows that you may not think something you do is not the best, but other people might think differently about your skill.
There is one thing however that Mendoza likes about his art, “there is a message in it. That’s not the cool part, the fact people can see a whole different message from a picture or a dance move,” he said.
“Art is just down,”


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