Harvard Applicant At Our School!

By:  Mariah Cunningham

Brittany Hemry has taken the bull by the horns. With the class of 2012’s senior year off to a fast start, she’s decided it’s time to buckle down and make some decisions about life after high school.
Hemry, a senior in the A.V.I.D program (Advancement via Individual Determination), has chosen to apply to Harvard University.
When asked what it was that made her want to apply to such a prestigious university, she responded, “My family members go there and I always thought, why can’t I shoot for the stars? I already had my plans set out, but Avid gave me the tools that I needed to actually get me there. I am nervous, but I feel that I have done all that I could possibly do to prepare myself; I’m just nervous for the application process.”
Brittany Hemry plans to peruse a degree in either psychology or political science, and minor in music, though she’s torn between the two majors.
Along with the Avid program, Brittany also believes that both her leadership and motivational skills have helped to ensure an acceptance into Harvard.
Last year, she was  the president of the Avid club and the vice president of F.B.L.A. (Future Business Leaders of America), of which she’s the president of this year. Participation in Mock Trial, Relay for Life, and sports, has built her a strong resume.
“She is a leader; she’s not afraid to speak up if there’s an injustice or if she can suggest something that makes class better, she will. She is never afraid to be confident and smart in front of her peers. She’s extremely determined; when she sets her mind to something, she goes after it. She often won’t accept no for an answer,” said Mrs. Elisabeth Sonis, her freshman Avid teacher. Sonis feels that Brittany Hemry has the grades, work ethic, and the brains.
In Brittany’s sophomore year, she had a desire for things in the Avid program to be changed. She was so passionate, that she took her concern straight to the principal. The proposal was to have an Avid teacher for four consecutive years. Though this wasn’t passed, her effort was applauded and worthwhile.
With an acceptance rate of 6%, anything she can do to separate herself from the crowd is a good idea. Harvard’s average SAT score ranges from 2080-2370. However, it’s people like Brittany that set the bar so high. She is a prime candidate for a prominent University like Harvard. She’s passionate about her studies, she’s a catalyst for change, and she has the desire it takes to be successful in life.


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