French Club

By: Sonia Rangel

With many projects to accomplish this year, the French club has yet another. Through the organization World Vision, Mr. Marc McAvoy has created a project to help his students with both French and humanitarian points of view.
The French club has taken it into their hands to support Alguinaldo Lin, a 13 year old boy who lives in a remote part of Mozambique Africa. He lives in an area highly affected by Aids, fortunately, he is in fairly good health. A care package will be sent.  It has to be no bigger than a 6”8” envelope. Inside stickers, pencils, hair ribbons, small notepads, and bookmarks can be sent. With $35 a month that the French club will gather from selling entertainment books, Alguinaldo will have clean water, medical help and an opportunity for education.
Samantha Fields a member of the French club jumped on board organizing everything, making posters to make other students aware. “I thought it would be really cool to help out with another child in need and I thought it was really cool that he was letting us do that. I do think its important, everybody needs help and there’s a lot of people out there that have a lot less than we do and we take what we have for granted,” said Samantha Fields.  For the French Club president Stacy Tiltchenal, “this isn’t something new.” Through the ‘StarFish’ Program her family has supported a child from a third world country in the past. “It’s a real eye opener” said Titchenal.
The only way to keep in contact with Alguinaldo is though letters and through the organization there is no exact address in the village therefore; letters and packages take a long time to reach its destination “Its awesome because we are supporting someone else who doesn’t have what we have,” said Danielle McKay a former member of the French club. Marc McAvoy said he heard about this through various ways; church, television, and different volunteer organizations.
Alguinaldo has been in some classes he’s currently not in school. Although The French club doesn’t know how literate he is, they do know he speaks some French. “While we head to Dutch Bros. or Starbucks for coffee every morning he walks a couple of miles to get clean water.” said  Mr. McAvoy. With his wife have spent 3 months volunteering in an orphanage for him it hits home. “We are learning as we go,” said McAvoy.


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