Building Construction

By: Zachary LaughlinDuring our 2011 summer vacation, our school got a new look. The new features of our school are new windows, floors, ceilings, and lights. “This construction took place this summer on June 17Th 2011 at three o, clock pm. All staff was kicked out and had to hand over keys to contractor”, said principal Mr. John Honey “They replaced all the windows throughout the school with new energy efficient windows,”said Honey.
Along with seventy percent of the school flooring was redone, fifty percent of the ceilings were replaced, new light fixtures were put in in the hallways, and panel work was done. “Last year the roof was replaced along with a new repaved parking lot”, Honey said.
The building construction is called “The scope of work”, said contractor Stephanie Farthing. The scope of work included; Full window replacement, which also includes new blinds through out the building. Ceiling and lighting upgrades in hallways. Abatement of old VCT (vinyl composition tile), and installation of new VCT.
In the lobby area, the old VCT (non-asbestos) was removed, and replaced with what is called Fritztile. Fritztile is a composition tile of real marble or granite chips set in a flexible thermostat resin matrix. This product was chosen for the fact that it carries a twenty year warranty against wear through and as you know the commons area gets a lot of traffic over it in a day, let alone twenty years!
“We also did some interior painting, including some repair of ceiling tiles, but mostly painting of ceilings, railings. metal doors and door frames,.Some, non-district colored classrooms were painted, and one remains to be painted, the cafeteria was painted, as well as hallways, and stairwells. The last items in the scope was a new intercom system, and a new master clock. The intercom replacement included, new speakers in the hallways, and replacement of speakers in other areas, where they were not working after the main control center was replaced. The master clock system allows all clocks that are hard wired to be synchronized,” Farthing said “This construction was planned 4 years ago by the Salem Keizer school district bond of According to Farthing, Planning was done here at Construction Services with the guidance of previous evaluations that were done by committees, as well as design and building $240,000,000 professionalism of a local Architect, Carlson-Veit Architects PC.
It was paid by voters and that bond went towards construction repairs only.“Completed cost is not finalized yet. The project was bid through SKeBid and the contract was accepted for $1,567,900”, said Farthing. This does not include abatement or moving costs, change orders or further work that may occur, and the cost of fire alarm work was removed from that contract amount. As you can see, at this point in time, the final cost is still being calculated. Even though we made major budget cuts.“This construction is paid for with 2008 Bond dollars. This summer’s project was only part of the Bond dollars allocated for McNary.” said Honey and Farthing. “ The district came in to supervise while the lead contractor hired other people to come in and do the work,” said Honey.
“Many, many people were involved in the construction. I can’t put a number on that one. There are many behind the scenes individuals that make these big projects happen.” said Farthing. “Construction was completed by a General Contractor named Team Construction, and a crew of Sub-Contractors that Team hired. Those companies included Dallas Glass, Long Painting, Able Contractors, Columbia Drywall, and Thomas Kay Flooring. Moving was completed by Graebel Moving of Oregon Abatement was completed by NCM Contracting Group, LP” said Farthing. Now we have a brighter new looking school with major adjustments. The school is still under construction and is still being worked on for example hanging the blinds. Most of the work was finish on August twenty ninth, this is when all staff got to return to McNary and move belongings back in.


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