by Marina KamisMr. Dallas Myers is directing the school play Antigone. It’s about a girl named Antigone. she is the daughter Oedipus and Jocasta.The play deals with her two brothers ,whom she loves, fighting against one another in the civil war.
The brother who won received a proper burial, the brother who lost is not cared for, treated like trash. The sister who is the oldest is determined to giver her brother a good burial.
The theme of the play is a modern tragedy, it involves families, and consequences of their actions. In Antigone, there are ten main roles, but the biggest are Antigone, and Creon, being played by Bella Starr, and Ricardo Jimenez. Myers chose this play for several reasons, but mainly because, ” I really like Greek  theater,and Greek modernization of Greek tragedy.” said Myers, he expects students to experience high quality theater, and see the consequence of actions to everything good and bad.
Myers shares with us, it’s definitely a hectic process, how so? Ordering scripts, auditions, which are the hardest, because he hates cutting people. Sometimes he feels guilty due to the fact that everyone brings something positive to the table,and cutting is not personal.
Students looked for in theater are in general, ones  who are fearless, and willing to leave a part of them selves on stage.
The play is about 90 minutes long. Directing for Mr. Myers, in his own words is, “awesome, and he highly enjoyed watching creativity.” He’s more of a guide than a creator, and he encourages anyone with a great amount of creativity, and vision. He’s says it’s fun to watch others ideas and visions come to life.
Being a director is like being a painter, and the actors are the paint. Be creative and show what you got.
Antigone, coming to McNary Fall of 2011


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