Anti-Immigration Laws

By: Erica PerezPerhaps you have noticed how “trendy” anti-immigration laws have been during the past year in the United States.
If you aren’t fully informed about immigration laws, fear not, here is the run down of the state’s that are trying to establish an anti-immigration law.
Arizona was the first state to propose and establish an anti-immigration law. After that many states followed in the footsteps of Arizona and 22 states have started to also propose similar laws, some are stricter than others, but they’re still anti-immigration laws.
Whenever I see or read about a state governor pushing to get an anti-immigration law passed, I laugh, not because I love the idea of an anti-immigration law, but because these types of laws are absolutely ridiculous and preposterous.
It seems that everyone that supports these anti-immigration laws think that they are superior to persons that are immigrants, just because they are here legally. Most people that live here in the United States have ancestors that were once immigrants, and no one is ever complaining about them. It would be very ironic for people that had ancestors that were immigrants to be supporting these laws, when they should understand why people come to this country; to have the opportunity to a better life than what they had in their country.
This type of thinking shows us how ignorant we are. Haven’t we seen how this type of mind set has made us do horrible things? Look at World War 2, people thought that they were superior to those that had a certain religion, or disabilities, or different sexual orientation. I’m not saying that something like the Holocaust is going to happen to immigrants, but people are having a similar type of mind set.
Don’t get confused, I’m not saying that the government should make every single person that is an immigrant into a legal citizen. The people that commit crimes (and that doesn’t include traffic infractions, because that’s not a crime) shouldn’t be given the privilege of becoming a legal citizen of the United States. Crime isn’t something that we need in our country, and bringing people that have done punishable crimes wouldn’t be smart to do. But there are some people that deserve the opportunity to have privileges that citizens in the United States have. For example, I don’t know if you’ve heard about these immigrant students that are trying to get this program called Dream Act.
The Dream Act is a proposal, in which high school graduates, who are immigrants, would have the chance to become permanent residents in the United States, but not every single student would become a legal resident, there are many little things that they have to have
to be eligible to become a legal resident. First of all, they have to be good citizens (which
is something good and that we need), and they have to be living here for a couple of years. I don’t understand why the Senate is hesitating, and refusing to pass the Dream Act. What these students want to do is go to college and get a degree, and be able to work in their profession, wouldn’t this ultimately help our economy which is not the greatest at the moment?
Probably the dumbest thing that people say about immigrants is that they are taking jobs away from people that are in the country legally. If you don’t know, there aren’t many decent and high paying jobs that immigrants can actually get. Many immigrants have no other alternative, but to go into agriculture labor. In agriculture labor most jobs involve driving tractors, or weeding a field. This is not a great job for anyone.
When someone works in a weeding field, they don’t have to be skilled, but it is physically demanding and you have to be under a blazing sun for hours.
I doubt that legal citizens, that have all of the capacity to get a much better job would like to work in agriculture.
So, if the states want to continue with these outrageous laws go ahead. But, if they do set in these laws all over the country, I hope that people aren’t later saying that they were wrong, and that they need immigrants in this country.


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