Mr. Gloden

By Jordan Kautz

Everyday students walk into Mr. Paul Gloden’s class room and sit in their chairs and listen to him teach English. But how many of you student’s actually know anything about him? My guess is hardly any of you because of how humble he is, he doesn’t share anything of his past unless you ask him. What’s a better story than one that most people have never heard?
Gloden has been teaching for 40 years. He originally started teaching because the only way you could coach basketball was if you were a teacher. So he decided that the smartest thing to do was major in English. Mr. Gloden attended the University of Portland (UOP) and had one of the greatest careers of any basketball player at UOP landing him in the top ten all time scoring list at UOP.Mr. Gloden realized as his career went on, that basketball wasn’t going to be the smartest choice for his life. There is a lot of talented players out there and sometimes there just isn’t a spot for you in the NBA. So he turned to his second love, teaching English.
“The pros and cons of being a non strict teacher in a high school are, certain students will abuse that privilege of the class not being strict. Instead of just doing their work and then having time left over to work on other things. The pros are that the ones that are disciplined will be motivated to do their work and will have freedom,” said Gloden.
“The pros and cons of being a strict teacher in a high school is that your classroom is in order at all times. You never have to worry about your classroom getting noisy because the students know that there will be consequences. Sometimes motivated students can’t go ahead in the class and the students lose their drive to go ahead in class, hurry up and get work done. Also students are less likely to express themselves in class,” Gloden said.
“Being humble in my later years has taught me that I am no better then anyone else. I have learned that everyone has something that they struggle at in life, nobody is perfect. All you can do in life is keep trying to be who you are and worry about yourself. If you start worrying about other people then you loose track of who you are.” Gloden said.
“Being cocky is fine in life; it shows that you have confidence. But acting cocky is completely different. Especially in basketball with the trash talking and showboating it is disrespectful to the game of basketball. And in reality all it really does is make your opponent better. It gives him that drive to try harder to beat you and shut you up. When I was on the court and some guy was trash talking to me he was throwing fuel on the fire,” Gloden said.
“If there is any advice that I could give a student about the future it is to always believe in yourself and to never give up. You never know what you are capable of unless you try. And if you try and fail, try untill you succeed, you will be amazed what you are capable of. Also make sure you take care of your business and don’t worry about what other people are doing. If you try to focus on other people you will loose track of what’s most important and that is making sure your life is on track. Another thing I would like to add is make sure you try to avoid obvious pit falls. What I mean by that is obviously if you start in with the drinking and the drugs at a young age your chances of coming out strong in life is very slim to none,” Gloden said.


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